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Looking for Asia growth and market opportunities in 2009 ? Focus on Vietnam


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Summary: Corporate strategist with extensive Asia-based management & operational experience. Manages the long-term strategic planning of the organization. Responsible for multi-country team management, PBIT and revenue growth, geographical expansion, business development, key staff recruitment, business unit strategy and processes. Speaks English, French, Vietnamese and "Survival" Japanese. In Asia Pacific for the past 21 years. Specialties: Disruptive innovation strategy & implementation, Expansion strategy, Benchmarking, Asia market entry strategy, Market research Asia, Market sizing, opportunity analysis & market feasibility, Sales & demand forecasting, Competitive intelligence and strategy, Customers acquisition & loyalty, New product development, Distribution & value-chain optimization, Industrial B2B branding, Partner evaluation & selection, M&A due diligence - valuation, Marketing & Corporate strategy, Emerging markets

One comment on “Looking for Asia growth and market opportunities in 2009 ? Focus on Vietnam

  1. Andreas Reiser
    June 12, 2009

    As a young product and process innovation consultant, I am searching for fairs in the field of innovations especially in Asia.

    So far I found
    • Inno Design Tech in Hong Kong and
    • SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 | The Pulse of Innovation in Yokohama

    Does anybody has experience regarding these fairs and if so, would you recommend joining? If not, which fair or event in Asia would you recommend?

    Thank you very much for your advice,
    Andreas Reiser

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